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A national reputation
as the pioneer in the manufacture of
hand-ground bone rasps and broaches.

Diamond Tooth

Sharp Tooth - The blank supplied must be at the largest allowable size. Example: If the finished cross section dimension is .375 +/- .010., the blank must measure .385 prior to toothing.

With Witness - The blank supplied may be at the mean dimension. As a witness is required, we do not alter the cross section dimension during toothing.
Diamond Tooth

Broach Tooth
Sharp Tooth - The same criteria applies as with the sharp diamond tooth. The blank supplied should be at the largest allowable tolerance in order to reduce the possibility of undersizing the part during the toothing operation.

With Witness - The same criteria applies to a broach tooth with witness as to the diamond tooth with witness. The blank may be supplied at the mean dimension since this dimension will not change during the toothing operation.
Broach Tooth

Note: All blanks must be heat treated prior to toothing. We do not assume responsibility for undersized parts if the blanks, when received, do not meet the above criteria.

Performed by our inspection department to ensure blanks are at proper size prior to toothing.

Performed primarily by each individual grinder using dial calipers. Optical comparators available for use with overlays provided by customer

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